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Today’s modern Truck is a marvel of machinery and electronics, but with every complex system, occasionally things break down and wear out.
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Diagnostic & Electrical Repair Overview:

Diagnostic and electrical issues are some of the most frustrating and difficult to deal with issues modern drivers face. With most vehicles being sophisticated machines merged with electronics, most vehicles feel like mobile computers these days. With increased technology and complexity, comes increased risk of issues and more complicated problems. We handle a wide range of diagnostic and electronic issues at United Diesel. Our team is fluent in diagnostics and the modern language of your systems.

Common Diagnostic & Electrical Issues:

Difficulty starting your engine:

various issues

Fuel Contamination:

from soot, water, or glycol

Losing Power:

can be caused by dirty filters, fuel injector issues, or loose throttle lead links

Faulty Lead:

battery issues and electrical leads

Oil Oxidation:

caused from disuse over time

Black Exhaust smoke:

high air to fuel ratio

Off balance weight viscosity:

engine lubrication imbalance

Too much noise:

any unusual noise or change in the sound of your engine

Electrical wiring:

installation or repair of worn wiring and harnesses

Diagnostic & Electrical Solutions:

Most of the above issues can be fixed in less than four hours, while some more complicated issues may take six or more. No matter what, we have the expertise to solve these issues for you.

Most truck systems are so entwined with better technology that it takes a knowledgeable expert to have the training required to diagnose and work on issues. Gone are the days when all you needed was a wrench and elbow grease, now onboard computer systems make our mechanics part computer technician as well. Don’t trust just anyone to these delicate and valuable systems.

 We can read the systems and decipher the codes to locate your issues. Then we have the tools and knowledge to solve those issues before they get out of hand. If you experience any of the above issues, contact us as soon as possible. Also, we can work together to set up plans to monitor and preempt issues year round for your vehicle or your fleet.

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