EGR & DPF Cleaning Services

In an effort to keep our air cleaner and our trucks moving on the highways, most heavy duty vehicles use some form of EGR system.
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Fleet EGR & DPF Services

Our team here at United Diesel has years of experience working on heavy duty diesel engines and taking care of all the supporting systems you find on the modern diesel truck. When it comes to taking care of your fleet's diesel engines and Exhaust systems, we are the garage to trust.

The Exhaust Gas Recirculation system is a common sore spot for many fleet vehicles The EGR is designed to help reduce carbon emissions into the air and when working well helps keep exhaust emissions low and the engine system running efficiently. When problems arise in the EGR, not only does air quality take a hit, the performance of the engine can be affected as well. This puts undue stress on the engine and exhaust systems and can lead to many issues down the road.

The Diesel Particulate filter is a related system that works to trap soot from the exhaust system.

The DPF works in the honeycomb shaped exhaust pipe where it captures the soot particles and then burns it off in a more efficient manner. This helps reduce carbon emissions as well and keeps the engine running clean.

Both the EGR and the DPF are necessary components of your diesel system and when working well your engine will be smooth and efficient. When problems develop, however, your whole vehicle can suffer if either system is allowed to fail.

EGR Maintenance

Exhaust Gas Recirculation systems have two common breakpoints, the most common being a clogging from soot restricting the flow of gasses through the system. The second most common breakpoint occurs when fractures develop inside the cooler from thermal cycling and the constant wear and tear on the system.

Malfunctions in the EGR system can be a compounding problem and should not be left unchecked when they first develop. The EGR system ties into the overall health of diesel engines and if they are kept running cleanly and efficiently will extend the life of the engine and the performance on the road.

DPF Maintenance

Heavy Duty Diesel Trucks rely on the DPF system to continue running smoothly and cleanly for a great deal of time. If you want to keep your Rig running for many miles to come, your DPF system needs regular preventative maintenance. We recommend having your DPF system serviced and checked every 300,000 miles.

Like the EGR system, many issues in your DPF start small and grow over time, it is important not to ignore the early signs of DPF wear and tear. Most Diesel trucks have a DPF warning indicator light on the dash and when they turn yellow that means its time to have an inspection from a professional repair technician.

EGR & DPF Repair Solutions

Engine performance matters and the EGR & DPF systems are integral to the overall health of your heavy duty diesel engines. When you need every last ounce of power out of your commercial vehicles, you need these exhaust systems running cleanly. Let us handle your performance needs before they become an issue.

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For longer engine life, better gas mileage, and performance, we can inspect, clean, and repair or replace your EGR & DPF systems. Working with our team to set up a preventive maintenance plan, including your EGR & DPF systems today!

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