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Little problems have a tendency to become big problems if left on their own for too long. Don’t let the wait and see method leave you with costly issues.
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Preventive Maintenance Overview:

As any commercial vehicle driver knows, there are thousands of things that can go wrong on your heavy duty diesel truck and a preventive maintenance plan is a must. Your truck takes a beating on a day to day basis, from rough roads, weather conditions, and less than careful usage by some people along the way. All of that wear and tear can really add up quickly over a few thousand miles and if you don’t have a good preventive maintenance service plan, it could lead to some rather costly repairs. You work too hard and drive too long and far to let these issues take hard earned money from your pocket. Instead, work with United Diesel to maximize the life of your heavy duty diesel engine and take care of any issues while they are still small before they become big problems.  Our team of detailed and experienced technicians are here to partner with you and keep your truck running the way it should. Our team can help keep your truck running good as new, trusting it will work when you need it most.

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance Services

Increased Engine and Truck Life

Decreased repair costs

Peace of mind

Always up to date on inspections

Better Gas Mileage and efficiency

Reduced risk of breakdowns

Reduced risk of inspection violations

Reduced downtime

Increased earning time

Regular oil and fluid services

Affordable and easy

A truck that works as hard as you

Comfortable experience

Partnership with United Diesel’s expert team of technicians

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An ounce of prevention saves gallons of trouble and a good preventive maintenance plan with United Diesel will save you time and money to come. It may seem like an extra commitment, but we are here to meet your needs and work with you to establish the best plan for your needs. We have the experience and the care to keep your truck running right and you happy and satisfied. Call us today to set up your Preventive Maintenance service plan for your Heavy, Medium, and light duty diesel trucks today!

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