Exhaust System Repair

It’s a reality of the diesel engine, what goes in must come out. That thankless, but important job is handled by the Exhaust system.
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Exhaust System Repair Overview:

One of the unsung heroes of the diesel engine and your truck’s overall systems is the Exhaust Emission system. The exhaust is necessary to keep your engine running smoothly and avoid a build up and release of harmful gasses and toxins. The exhaust system removes those harmful emissions and keeps them from building up in the engine or cab of your vehicle. It also helps reduce your carbon footprint and pollution from the air we all breathe. 

Your truck’s exhaust system also has a direct influence on your fuel efficiency and overall engine performance. The exhaust system, when running well, also helps keep your engine quieter and more pleasing to the ear.

As diesel trucks produce chemicals when running, the exhaust system is vital to meeting strict Government regulations for health and safety. Most state and local governments have laws protecting the quality of the air and wildlife in the area. Keeping your exhaust system running clean and efficiently is a must to avoid any tickets or fines, as well as just keeping our truck running smoothly.

Diesel trucks exhaust systems are constantly being worked on and improved as time goes on. We can help keep your truck up to date and meet all expectations. Our inspections include a full physical check up of your exhaust and also a computer diagnostic as well, helping to locate any busted pipes or bad air-to-fuel ratios. Faulty catalytic converters can also be a common issue that creates an overabundance of toxic gas and needs to be repaired right away. It is also not uncommon to see dented and damaged pipes from rocks and road hazards. We can help repair and replace those damaged pipes and keep you running on the road.

Common Exhaust Systems Issues

Exhaust failure symptoms include the following:

The check engine light flashes on

Sudden experience of low fuel efficiency

Rattling noises

Poor engine performance

Your trucks fail the emission test.

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