Transmission & Clutch Repair

The workhorse of any vehicle, your transmission system keeps you moving ahead and not broken down on the side of the highway. 
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Transmission & Clutch Overview:

Heavy Duty Commercial vehicles need a working, healthy transmission system to keep driving safely on the road. Like any other system, the more miles you put on the transmission and the clutch, the more damage will accumulate. Untreated, this wear and tear will build up until your transmission and/or clutch breakdown and leave you stranded. It’s better to let our technicians here at United Diesel routinely inspect and service your transmission before a costly replacement or overhaul is required.

Many garages will jump to recommending a complete overhaul or replacement of your transmission at the first sign of trouble. This is usually unnecessary, costly, and time consuming. Before even getting to that point, you can keep your transmission and clutch healthy by visiting our technicians at United Diesel. You can trust us to do the job right and for the right price and the right time. Instead of ignoring and waiting till your transmission is beyond repair, set up your transmission maintenance routine with United Diesel today!

Why transmission service and repair is important:

Your heavy duty commercial vehicle goes through a lot on the average day. Hundreds of miles on roads of varying quality with drivers who seem designed to make driving a heavy duty diesel truck more difficult, no day is normal or easy on the road. All of the driving and shifting and grinding leads to transmission fluid being used up and burned up. Once this transmission fluid is used up or lost, heat and friction begin to wear down parts in your transmission system. We provide transmission fluid replacement, transmission fluid flushing, transmission rebuilds, clutch services, and much more. We also do inspections to identify any issues before they become noticeable. Your heavy duty truck transmission is our business and our team of technicians will keep it in great repair and working condition.

Why Clutch service and repair is important:

The clutch is a part of the transmission system on your commercial vehicle and as it is used heavily, it can wear out even faster than your overall transmission system. Without a functioning clutch, your transmission will also fail making it a very vital part of your truck. It is recommended to come in for clutch servicing every 12,500 miles. We offer several clutch related services from clutch inspection, clutch repair, clutch replacement, clutch pressure testing, clutch system flushing, transmission & Clutch fluid changes, and more.

Without regular inspection and maintenance of your transmission and clutch, issues will build up and putting your head in the sand will not cause them to go away. United Diesel is here to handle these issues and keep your diesel engine running smoothly. When your transmission goes bad it can lead to accidents and breakdowns, so don’t wait until your repairs become a replacement, and tackle the issue when it develops. Contact United Diesel and set up your first appointment toward Transmission and Clutch health!

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