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The lifeblood of your engine keeps it running smoothly and efficiently, but try to push it too far or too long and you can end up with burnt out sludge.
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Oil & Fluid Services Overview:

Oil is the literal lifeblood of the diesel engine, it flows through the engine and interacts with most parts, keeping them running smooth and efficiently. Your diesel engine requires engine oil to run and trying to operate an engine without is flirting with disaster. Since your Oil is essential in operating so many areas of your Heavy Duty Diesel engine, it also gets used up and dirty over time, which is why it is vital to come in for regular oil change services and fluid checks. Working with United Diesel to set up regular oil change schedules can help keep your engine running clean for years to come. Not only will we give you the best oil change services in the area, but we will check your system for any leaks or issues, keeping your diesel engine healthy for longer. It is also important to choose the right garage for your oil change needs, like United Diesel where we have technicians with the right experience and knowledge, plus care, to give your truck the best service possible. Call us today to start your oil & fluid service plan without delay!

Why Oil and Fluid Services are vital for your Heavy Duty Engine

Simply speaking, operating your engine without oil or not enough oil will lead to catastrophic results. Your engine may seize and lock up or overheat and crack among many other disasters that will leave you stranded and in need of costly repairs. Many times drivers are unaware of the danger to their engines when it comes to oil levels, as leaks and burning oil can fly under the radar and avoid detection. Without proper maintenance and monitoring, a little leaking oil can become a much bigger problem. In addition to oil and fluid levels, replacing oil filters at regular intervals is vital. Keeping your oil filters fresh and new helps the flow of oil in your engine and keeps things running smoothly.

What other Fluid levels are important to monitor in your Diesel engine?

Other fluid services for heavy-duty trucks can include pan gasket replacement, pump changing or repairing, oil cooler line flushing, differential servicing, power steering fluid service, cylinder head changes, piston or connecting rod changes, oil pan cleaning, oil separator changing, transmission fluid checks, brake fluid checks, and even washer fluid top-ups. All of which play their part in the smooth running of your diesel engine. Setting up a oil and fluid service with United Diesel will allow you to have piece of mind that all of these services are being taken care of for you and leave you more time for the things that matter.

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