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Your truck needs power to pull a load up steep hills and over long distances, the components of the Driveline make that happen.
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Driveline Repair Overview:

Your Driveline is your key to running smooth and safely on the road. The Driveline is the backbone of your truck’s steering and handling, made up of the powertrain without the engine and transmission. Good driveline health is crucial to safety on the road and making maneuvering easy and efficient. Here at United Diesel we know how to keep your Driveline healthy and your fleet cruising, contact us today!

Common Driveline Issues:

Unusual Noises:

Odd or different sounds when steering or driving are usually an early indicator of Driveline problems. You may hear clacks or clunks when steering or whirring noises when accelerating.

Vibrating Steering Column:

When the driveline begins to wear down and become damaged, shakes and vibrations will be felt through the steering column. If these Driveshaft issues are ignored the shaking will only get worse until a full breakdown.

Difficulty Turning:

Once the driveshaft has sustained enough damage, turning will become quite difficult and handling will be greatly affected. Without smooth steering and a well functioning driveshaft, the risk for accidents increases greatly.

Driveline Repair Solutions:

Any commercial vehicle is at risk for Driveline issues, as the amount of wear and tear from daily transports adds up over time. This is why it is important to have a plan in place to keep the Driveline inspected and prepare for the eventual issues that occur from daily driving. No matter the size of the vehicle, these parts are so integral to the functioning of your truck that they will wear down, so let us come up with a plan to keep you from worrying about upcoming issues.

It is recommended that you have your Driveline inspected every 60,000 miles for any issues. We will inspect your Driveline case, check and/or change your Driveline fluid, as well as remove any contaminated Driveline fluid. If any warning signs are reported, we will give an in depth check and determine a plan to fix any problems.

We have the parts and experience to service any truck you may bring in and have you back on the road as quickly as possible. When a replacement or rebuild is needed, our experienced technicians will have your Driveline repaired as good as new, maybe even better.

Driveline maintenance and repair are a reality of trucking, and as long as your vehicles are on the road, let United Diesel keep them running smoothly.

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