Suspension Repair

The suspension system is the spine of your heavy duty vehicle. It provides a solid foundation for a safe and smooth ride. 
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Suspension Repair Overview:

Heavy duty commercial vehicles are expected to do a lot; traveling long distances in varying conditions while carrying very heavy loads and to be expected to do so safely and reliably every time. It is a lot to ask of any vehicle and can cause much wear and tear on all components of a Heavy Duty truck. As the backbone of the commercial vehicle, the suspension system takes a great deal of that responsibility and a great deal of the damage.

A well functioning suspension system keeps the driver and the cargo safe and comfortable. Issues in the Suspension will lead to damages and risks that will ruin any driver’s day. When you are counted on to do the job right the first time, you have to have a vehicle that can deliver. Our team here at United Diesel can help keep your suspension system healthy and keep you and your cargo safe on the road. Setting up a routine suspension maintenance plan helps avoid future problems and gives you the peace of mind to rely on your truck time after time.

Why Suspension Repair and servicing is so important for the life of your Diesel Vehicle

When your Suspension system is neglected over time, small issues quickly compound into big problems. Without regular suspension servicing your heavy duty vehicle will experience lower fuel efficiency, greater risks to your cargo, and can even lead to unsafe driving conditions or breakdowns. Over time your suspension system will experience worn parts, leaks, failures, and bad alignment. Any of these issues are bad enough on their own, but without quick treatment, they can lead to even greater risks. Once your suspension system is damaged it raises your risks of accidents and breakdowns, making your time on the road even more dangerous. Faulty alignment can lead to unhappy clients, as a rougher ride can cause more cargo damage, and that can take money right from your pocket. 

Suspension problems cannot be ignored, they grow and grow until costly repairs become necessary. Unfortunately, if the warning signs are ignored, suspension issues will only end in breakdowns that require repairs, downtime, and missed opportunities. Like a person with a broken back, a blown out suspension system will cripple your heavy duty vehicle and leave you stranded.

How we can keep your Suspension system healthy and safe

Here at United Diesel, we pride ourselves on suspension care and combining repairs and preventive maintenance to keep your heavy duty vehicle healthy and you on the road. Work with our team to set up a plan to monitor your suspension health, provide any repairs, and keep your suspension like new.

We offer part replacement and repair, system reconditioning service, system flush and fill service, leveling, alignment services, and suspension inspection services, just to name a few of our offerings. Our skill and experience allow us to provide top notch care and know what services are needed to keep your heavy duty vehicle running safely on the road. Keeping a routine plan for inspection and regular maintenance will improve the life of your truck, the comfort of the ride, and the safety of navigating busy highways and twisting backroads.

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