HVAC System Repair

Face it, without your truck’s HVAC service, it’s hot out there; or cold depending on the climate. 
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HVAC System Repair Overview:

An often overlooked, but key component of your heavy duty diesel vehicle is a working Heating and Air Conditioning system. With as much time as a driver will spend in the cab and on the road, a comfortable environment is key to a successful delivery. When crossing the country or sometimes just driving from morning to night, a commercial vehicle can come across a wide variety of weather and temperature conditions. Without a working HVAC system, the only hope for heat relief is an open window and in colder conditions, a closed window can offer only so much warmth. It may seem like a small thing compared to a blown head gasket or a faulty transmission, but a malfunctioning HVAC system can be just as serious. Don’t suffer through the extreme heat and cold, come into United Diesel and let our experts fix that HVAC system today!

HVAC System Issues and Solutions

Compared to other systems, your truck’s HVAC system is relatively easy to notice any issues or breakage. Instead of a subtle sound or feel, you’ll notice no cold air flowing when you turn on the AC or no hot air when you turn on the heat, and possibly no air at all either way. No matter what the problem, your comfort will be quickly compromised and it will have you wishing for relief. No matter the season, don’t wait to take care of those HVAC issues which may include:

Low coolant levels: when turning on the Heat in your truck it is usual and normal to take a few moments to warm up, but if several minutes go by without any increase in temperature, chances are you have low coolant levels and need to be topped off

Leaks: as all other systems, your HVAC system will wear out over time and leaks and cracks may occur. Your HVAC system runs all over your engine, making for many possible spots of failure. Leaks will cause your HVAC system to stop working or work poorly.

Worn Hoses: As stated before, over time your HVAC system will wear down and experience issues related to wear and tear. You may develop clogs in your coolant hoses or even faults with the coolant hose clamps.

Electrical Faults: Sometimes a faulty fuse or malfunctioning electrical system will cause the HVAC system to fail. With today’s modern commercial vehicles, the electrical systems are very complex and control so many of the internal systems, they always need to be checked to rule out any issues.

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Don’t suffer and don’t ignore any issues with your HVAC system! Come into United Diesel and let us fix those issues and get you back on the road. Keep your cool while driving those sunbaked streets and warm when snow makes things rough. Let our team keep you comfortable and on the road today!

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