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Engine Repair, Overhaul, and Conversion Overview:

When it comes to engine management for Diesel trucks, from light to medium to heavy duty, there are times when you may need to have repairs, overhauls, or even conversions completed. Engine failure is an expensive and inevitable issue that can sideline your ability to haul products and cost you thousands in time and money. You need a garage you can trust with experienced technicians that can handle any repair you can throw at them. Our team of mechanics are here to help when disaster strikes. We can repair and replace parts that may break or wear down overtime. Our team can completely overhaul your diesel engine giving new life to your commercial vehicle. We also offer professional engine conversion service if you need to convert your diesel engine to one that runs on Natural Gas or clean burning Propane. When it comes to Engine repair, overhaul, or conversion, look no further than United Diesel and our team of world class mechanics.

Heavy Duty Engine Repair

The engine is the heart of your heavy duty commercial vehicle and over the course of so many miles it will experience stress and deterioration. This is just a fact of life on the road, but we can help keep your engine running for years to come with regular preventative maintenance and repair. Many issues start small and then balloon into major problems if left untreated. Don’t ignore any unusual noises, grinding, or sluggishness from your engine. Let United Diesel check your engine and make those repairs now, while they are small and manageable. This will greatly increase the life expectancy of your diesel engine and keep you on the road longer. Plus, the cost of regular maintenance and repairs is much more affordable than waiting for a full blowout.

Heavy Duty Engine Overhaul

Sometimes it becomes necessary to take larger steps to keep your diesel engine running its best and your truck safely on the road. Whether your engine has reached its end or you’ve decided to give your truck more power and life, an engine overhaul can bring your vehicle back to new or even better than new.

When overhauling an engine, we rebuild your engine components back to manufacturer’s standards and in some cases even beyond. After an overhaul you can expect more power, better fuel efficiency, and longer life expectancy. After an overhaul, your diesel engine will roar back to life and purr with increased compression and reduced friction, giving you the performance you deserve.

Heavy Duty Engine Conversion

In today’s ever changing world, many fleets are opting to convert their diesel trucks to run on Natural Gas or Propane. These fuels can be more emission friendly and are often necessary to meet compliance requirements. Our team here at United Diesel can do these conversions right, giving you a compliant engine and still experiencing near the efficiency of a diesel engine.

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